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千年之爱剧情介绍|zn73-12"This is called masterful strategy, learn well, don't all day long just want to fight. Pang tong proudly smile, that a smelly face, coupled with the now impotent expression, let wei yan have a kind of go up to give him a hard hit the impulse.Deng xian and ling bao also came forward and knelt down with zhang ren."General! Several generals hurried forward to help him, but was pushed aside, in the eyes of the crowd, liu's countenance heavy straight forward

With a sinking glance, he put out his hand and touched his sword. Though he knew that he was probably no match for zhang ren, he would never sit downHang in there, he was afraid that liu bei's death, under the condition of jiangdong dorigo, probably will miss the best time to into shu, but also good, on the matter, liu bei eventually chose to listen to his advice, not to continue with lyu3 bu4 screwing, zhuge liang to see very clear, this battle, in fact is the coalition lost, according to the front back to news, lyu3 bu4 while also loss a lot, but the loss of, basic it is western fighter, the most elite shot noise and seibel lead battalion after links, there isn't another, lyu3 bu4 under, even if not lead camp also has five elite, at least for now, until in the kanto soldiers instrument is strengthened, Basically is the rhythm that is hanged by lv bu.As for fazheng, zhuge liang did not have much research, but the strategy of conquering shu was not like the means of pang tong, so it must have been written by him.千年之爱剧情介绍|Unawares, a disarmed tiger guard snarls from behind as he embraces the nighthawk's slender body.

千年之爱剧情介绍|"Shorts ~"The magnificent sea arch arch way: "the end will come here, responsible for the safety of the Lord, not military."Ship slowly close to the riverbank, a canoe has quickly out of the ship, downstream and hurried to the company notice to sun quan, riverbank, the confusion of the crowd as the ship to dock, settle down gradually, but see a floor board down to a few people, and a stretcher was rope from ship hanging, four soldiers to look solemn, lift a stretcher, incredible in all eyes, lv meng with a stretcher goes to the camp.

After a long time, lv meng came out with his eyes red and looked at the chaos of the camp. ?"Xing daorong helpless, can only continue to fight.In a series of dull sound, some giant arrows even shot through wood armour, almost nailed this one wood armour on the ground, guan yu a knife will root in the ground of the giant arrow cut off, with xing daorong quickly out of the other side's range.千年之爱剧情介绍|




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