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功夫派红人堂|尚凝99祛斑原液"The strongest of the Han people?" North palace from ignored Yang Wang, looked at lyu3 bu4, eyes flashed a glowing warfare, raised Zaoyang slimming: "Defeat me, immediately go!""Chief, this..." Other haoshuai didn't expect to have such a, can't help but each frightened, panic at Yang Wang.Zhong yao stroked his beard without saying a word, looking at Li Bao, Li Bao a scalp numb, for a long time, zhong yao slowly opened his mouth: "I don't believe in general Wen Chang, but this is a big thing, that He Yi He Manwu also heard, is lyu3 bu4 military commanders, quite fierce, just in case, or I rate people to go forward, and Wen Chang general, break it together."

Zhang Wenxian don't mention him, HuangPu Song is the famous general in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, one of the main force of the battle of the yellow turban, even cao cao, lombardi these people have been working under its command, dong zhuo early years is also a name to move west cool, but later power day heavy, abandoned martial arts, as for sun chien need not mention, has been considered a historical star."Lyu3 bu4 stirred up the rebellion of the moon people, attacked our king's court, we must immediately rushed back to rescue the king's court." Liu Meng looked at Korea hence, with some displeasure.Lyu3 bu4 smiled and nodded, just about to say something, but Hua Tuo has stood up and said goodbye to lyu3 bu4: "There are many inconveniences here, please Wen Hou later under an order, grass people early tomorrow morning, then go to the academy to report." Say that finish, hurry away.功夫派红人堂|River bank, looking at the slowly flowing river, the air is full of depressed atmosphere, zhong yao wandering around, last night with three thousand troops out of the camp, until now, but only less than one thousand people defeated, crowded on the not spacious beach, despairing to see seibel troops step by step with steady steps.

功夫派红人堂|"Master, is d, while the rain night burn when soldiers loosen, into the burn when camp, burn when the king has sent for help!" Han sui has just finished wearing, into GongYing dignified face into: "whether our troops to rescue!"Pentium, broken grass splashed, standing on YuanMen, but see d with three thousand cavalry, came back to run in the camp, even from time to time someone ran into the shooting range, lure camp soldiers put arrows."In addition to me, who can thousands of miles to war, to break the huns?" Lyu3 bu4 stuffy hum a track.

"Kill them all!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, the huns have no effect, keep will only become a marching burden, lyu3 bu4 nature will not continue to accustom them, since dare to make trouble, just give lyu3 bu4 excuse."Poof ~""At the end of the day!" Zhang liao eyes flashed a touch of refined light, step forward.功夫派红人堂|




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