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督军佐尔玛兹|花漾初蕊官网Unlike Zhang embroidery methodical, d chose the most barbaric way, with superb riding, toward YuanMen direction hit, hand TianWolf gun with the smell of destruction, will easily YuanMen bolts broken, directly into the camp YuanMen."Here!"

"Execution!" Male broad sea eyes flashed a cold awn, without hesitation to cut off the head of a general, see male broad sea, others also no longer hesitate, have fallen broadsword, head rolling down one by one, under the stage, eight thousand troops silent, wondering at lyu3 bu4, don't know if this person will even kill them together."If I don 't come, I' m afraid you 'll bury all the five thousand horses you' ve managed to gather together!" Zhong yao surface sink like water said: "one thousand riders opponent but more than one thousand infantry, unexpectedly damage more than half have not been able to wipe out the opponent! General cao, do you know, now master hand how many cavalry? If all like you, I'm afraid it won't take many battles, master will no longer have cavalry available."督军佐尔玛兹|Lyu3 bu4 looked at the village has been in the past, nodded, indeed, compared to changan area thousands of miles away from people, bones exposed in the wild, this place in hanoi, is definitely a sacred place on earth, lyu3 bu4 all the way from xuzhou, perhaps only nanyang can compare with one.

督军佐尔玛兹|"Men, make a contribution, today, with me to kill!" Wei Yanleng snorted, the bronze sword in his hand crossed, Hold Cao Peng's sword, with a sniff, Behind the army has roared to kill jun, Jun was shot by a round of arrows, At this time is in the case of huge differences in numbers, and wei troops head-on conflict, cao peng originally like rainbow momentum is also wei yan block at the moment, morale, followed by the surging wei yan men to kill the whole line of rout, only cao peng with dozens of QinBing is still struggling to support."Will there be fraud?" The general hesitated."But today's incident has awakened me." Lyu3 bu4 thought: "Now that Wu Guan has passed, these people have no way back, the next is the problem of order."

A cold arrow quietly shot, relentless shot through the throat of the scouts behind, the scouts body struggled twice, feeble from the horse."No matter, since promised, nature to do well, send someone to inform the candidate, immediately sent troops will surround martial arts, even if not play, also don't let martial arts army so easily come to mess with me!" D cold hum 1, plainly way: "Otherwise, I will give him to solve first!"督军佐尔玛兹|




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