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好紧好大快点舒服使劲|易道稳诺This news, not only cao cao, the whole world as lv bu led five guanzhong elite troops into luoyang and fell into turmoil, in guanzhong dormant for five years, lv bu finally to show the world his fangs? Even before the governors under the local families strongly asked their own monarch to send troops to calm lv bu, but when lv bu really appeared in luoyang, still make the world family feel panic.In the violent shaking, rushed the car finally rushed to the fortification near the front, strong fortification in the impact of the car was soon destroyed, a large number of cao army rushed into the fortification."We are a delegation of baiji emissaries who have come to see the emperor of the han dynasty and present their credentials. The stranger kneels humbly on the ground, touching his forehead in the snow, and his voice is full of sadness: "I also hope that the emperor of the han dynasty can give way to my three han people."

Planning of luoyang actually drive away five years ago when the kanto military forces has already started, lyu3 bu4 specially invited left kindness to luoyang feng shui, the past five years, luoyang did not make big changes, even dismantled many buildings, in order to later if migration, luoyang will gradually replace the political center of changan be lyu3 bu4 cannot, such as changan changan, after all, are felt in lyu3 bu4 step by step in the development, the layout of the whole city as the number of Chinese era, but the pattern is very messy."Good." Stammering nodded, and rode out."And you say?" Lv bu rolled his eyes, is trying to discipline, maid rui son came in.好紧好大快点舒服使劲|

好紧好大快点舒服使劲|As zhang liao's words fell, the trumpeter began to blow his horn and watched with satisfaction as xia houyuan, who was charging towards the camp, frowned and looked up, only to see that someone had taken down the flag of cao jun and raised it on behalf of lv bu.Before the battle of guandu, cao cao began to lay out jingxiang in secret. Now, after many years of arrangement, the whole court was empty. Without mentioning cao cao, they were all somewhat upset."General, a phalanx has appeared on each side of the battalion and is approaching." Deputy general came to zhang liao side, bow way.

"Good!" < / p > < p > huang zhonglang drink a, guan zhang reputation outside, but huang zhong is not afraid, liu bei and others see no longer blocked, let him retreat.Five thousand troops were not too many for a city like nanzheng, and even seemed a little thin. But when the five thousand troops were deployed outside of nanzheng, they were filled with a sense of killing, which was far more oppressive than that of a soldier in a small place like hanzhong, who lacked training and real combat.Seal king? Is this fu over disrelish han family world to perish not thorough enough? Liu xie even agreed, but it was cao cao who tried to prevent, even at the cost of fame, killed the empress into the palace.好紧好大快点舒服使劲|




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