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sjmmv手动磨光机End of the battle of guandu, when it is two, said lu bu to prior to this, the first step to pacify hetao, obtain the initiative, in can be soldiers out chicken abatis, also can be the enemy back shifting to the hetao, hetao with bing, after all didn't have the Yellow River, lyu3 bu4 cavalry can at any time into bing, and lombardi's military forces to bypass the hetao harmony is cool but need to pull across the Yellow River, but also worried that posterior was broken.Lv bu nodded, looking at the hands of the new painting of the halberd, a bold spirit between the breast, proudly said: "this halberd has the unpredictable power, then call it the halberd of the devil side!""The Lord speaks highly, and the villain cannot be called a master." The middle-aged man called master pu bowed humbly.

"General, three general avenged, I'm afraid at the moment can't peace of mind to recuperate, and meng qi general shen yong, have him in, also can reduce qiang people's hostility to our army. Li ru said with a smile.General han when the atmosphere is far from the Ming and qing dynasties era, qiang han two plus lyu3 bu4 to fusion, half a year's time, there are some results, at least on the way to see the qiang people, the people will not see the appearance of the monster to see a pair of them, even lu bu in the wine shop also see several qiang people gather together into a table with the han people, to talk, should be in business."At present there will be a great disaster in chang 'an. The general, including the city guards under the general's command, will be temporarily taken over by xu." < / p > < p > jia xu shen way, he is responsible for the intelligence of lu bu people, in guandu cao yuan shao, lu bu's intelligence network has not been able to spread in the past, but only under the rule of lu bu, thousands of people quietly sneaked in, how possible to deceive jia xu's eyes.sjmmv"Be!" The head of the huns agreed and hurried away.

sjmmv, holds in the sea with her at the beginning of the year, to nearly a year now, has been conscientiously, lyu3 bu4 bodyguard, but was later followed lu bu wei, hand, now is also a general armies, holds but the sea still lyu3 bu4 escort, not only holds a sea captain ability is insufficient, but lu bu how many or some regret in my heart....What a pity, not to say, not to say, but not to avenge, to stay any longer would be a risk, not from lubbe himself, but from those who were with them, old Hanoi families.

The pure white baby eagle rose into the air and circled over their heads for several times before flapping his wings and landing on lv bu's shoulder.Standing in the perspective of the onlooker, cao cao's face is really not too big."?" Qiang people young look at the army han: "how to put?"sjmmv




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