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三星629重庆市化医技师学院"Well!" People's eyes flash across the excited look, that lyu3 bu4 under general guarding the parties, lyu3 bu4 can bring, in addition to the sea, zhou cang, ginger Jiong holds the three big kiss who lead, also only ma dai, MOS rail brothers are some will slightly, can follow lyu3 bu4 war, longing for two out of d ring, rushes out yourself a winner youth generals, is undoubtedly a chance to prove my ability, now back to camp, began to recall."Kill!"If you don't do any punishment, make up things I'm afraid to pacify, is also a kind of protection for xu chu, if xu chu to continue as before, could have caused a lot of blame, now cao xu chu's office to pare off, everyone didn't dump on the excuse, after this matter is getting cold down, give xu chu to office.

Is cao cao not angry? It is impossible for a man not to be angry if he is said to be a eunuch who manipulates power. However, cao cao clearly knows that if his flattery is to paralyze lu bu, then lu bu's words are to anger himself. Once a person is angry, he will lose his cool when doing things, so cao cao cannot be angry."Good, lyu3 bu4 return is really luxurious now, begin to use paper to send a government order actually." Pang tong took the book thread-bound book tiny one zheng, although there has been a paper, but Cai Hou paper practice by a few people grasp the in hand, has not spread, investigate its reason, at the moment to think about it, but it is a kind of family monopoly on knowledge, and if you really like lyu3 bu4, puts it, the world everyone has a book to read, country civilian worker can also to two sentences, the family how to maintain the lofty status now?Unfortunately, it is too late, around the black mountain thief too late to stop, red rabbit has been like a gust of wind in the general flash in the military train.三星629"Well, now tell me what happened." Lyu3 bu4 smile way, no matter how, can pang tong gas become so, see this boy be jia xu this old fox give Yin of enough choked.

三星629"Of course." Henton sip tea, wetting the throat: "before the north won at least can let liu jingzhou, neutral, master now under pressure to cao cao, Carthage and britons, the pressure is not light, if coupled with a liu jingzhou, almost equal to all enemies all around, we this to, even if can't sell JingXiang alliance, also try to keep JingXiang neutral.""Well!" Gao hao calmly promised a voice, 50,000 troops did not return to camp, but directly the direction of the mighty surge to the city wall, at the same time, the general began to tie up the camp in the defeated army, began to move heavy materials from the camp, a siege ladder, hit the city hammer was pushed to the direction of the city wall.

"Be." Jia xu and pang tong nodded at the same time, lv bu waved, two people left."Mixing hu and han will cause some confusion, but in the long run, it is the most economical way. What we need to do is to control the balance and make the process smooth, instead of suppressing it randomly.""General, the last one will be honored!" Pound held the spear still stuck in his body and saluted zhang liao.三星629




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