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武井麻希|扁钢管In fact as long as the lyu3 bu4, milan is not willing to provoke lyu3 bu4, even in the shu dynasty in this regard also agree with milan, after all these years, shu also has the caravan in the western regions to earn the interests of rich, lyu3 bu4 not meet, but once the war, the picture has been cut off, especially in the shu, tough road, only a few of shu road, once got stuck lyu3 bu4, for shu in the family, is also a great loss."You want to fight! Pang tong rolled his eyes and sneered."Blare ~"

Although gao shun was indeed formidable and had an older qualification than himself, the so-called wen was not the first and wu was not the second. Pound could not compete with gao shun in terms of resources, but it did not mean that he thought he had a higher surplus. Even if he did not break the crossbow, pound did not think that liu bei, who had just become a vassal, could be compared with cao cao.Zhou yu had been aware of these things for a long time, but he could only keep them to himself. Now, on the river, the fog was thick and everything was sealed off.Xun has sent a caravan secretly peddlery silk road, therefore at feeling is very clear on this point, their caravans on the silk road, even if encounter robbers are treated as big ye, so at very clear lyu3 bu4 the name on the Great Wall represents what, the status of the han Chinese today are almost lyu3 bu4 one hand, it is also for the glory, the guanzhong Confucianism even be lyu3 bu4 down from the position of academic centers, rather than betray lyu3 bu4, more ashamed to interacting with zhongyuan dynasty, because of"Moreover, the five thousand hu soldiers were absolutely determined to lu bu, because lu bu brought them honor and honor." Xunyou looked at cao cao with a wry smile and said, "Lord, our army should be ready to meet lv bu's counter-attack now. We can't fight any more."武井麻希|"Well, after all these battles, duke xuande's ability to escape is beyond compare!" < / p > < p > behind cao cao, high can not help but irony, when liu bei took refuge in yuan shao, the result of yan liang, wen Chou has been killed by guan yu, and then liu bei, while taking advantage of the defeat night escape, yuan shao sent to arrest liu bei's soldiers rushed an empty, although it has fallen cao, but for liu bei, high table is a little good feeling owe.

武井麻希|"This, talk with me just, but don't say in front of others, be careful to provoke to kill oneself!" He took a deep look at lv meng, and zhou yu patted lv meng on the shoulder, saying, "remember, if I do not come back, if there is something I do not understand, please consult with lu xun more. The man's ability is not under me.""Brother xuande came at the right time." With a smile, cao cao took liu bei's arm and smiled at guan yu, saying, "the clouds are so long that we have not seen them for many years."Cao gong is overpraised!" Guan yu indifferent way.'yes! Other generals smell speech also have struggled to stand up, look at zhang ren harsh way: "I also would rather die than loyal to him."

Zhang song gasped and stared at fazheng. "I thought the champion hou was the hero of the world, but I didn't want to see all these guys under his banner.""Oh? Zi Ming wants to expand his army?" Lv bu surprised to see xu shu one eye, took the memorial look."Rightness, master, today a gentleman call the old person of master, want to see master, but master be absent, the slave maidservant dare not let him stay." "Said a girl.武井麻希|




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