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高h文阅读|伊朗番红花白斑膏Turned a head to see one eye zhao class head: "do what you should do!"Although said nothing, but in the mind very comfortable, he a small door ", in this Xu Changcheng belongs to the bottom of the generals, standing on the walls casually throw a stone, is likely to hit out a background character than itself, and when someone is so respectful to him, and it looks like, or what the angel of the country, the middle kingdom, a sense of superiority arises spontaneously, plate also can not help more straightened.Under the night sky, the soldiers holding torches were like the lamps in the night. After a short burst of sound in the air, the soldiers on patrol gave out a series of screams, and finally fell to the ground.

"Sister! Big Joe some lightly chastising stared at sister, now the sisters flower since lyu3 bu4 jstars jstars whole after receiving changan, lyu3 bu4 is thoroughly unswerving enthusiast, although was lyu3 bu4, up the flagging jstars suddenly and under the jiangdong crackdown of all nationalities, doug's crumbling, old Joe almost died, then spent lyu3 bu4 ordered jizhou, afford to jiangdong, the old Joe took it, and in recent years, in changan jstars flawed, tied with zhen home as royal caravan of lyu3 bu4, than the past more than a few minutes.Liu Beiwen smiles the laugh, laugh some bitter, lyu3 bu4 with homo habilis, and it is more than one, from the earliest palace, Chen giffin later, liu bei to lu bu in fact has been pretty snaked through, even now have a zhuge kongming, and cui state, Shi Guangyuan can these collectors, but falling in to lu bu also have over there to teach, growing in guanzhong plain, and he liu bei, wandering the lifetime, to today, is really have a foundation, side wings plump rise gradually."Your lordship speaks very strongly." Behind the curtain, gurgle music, do not hear a bit of fluctuation, light voice spread: "line have line rules, good at asking state affairs, it is taboo, others can touch, but we, must not touch!"高h文阅读|"The subordinates were incompetent, and the other party did not respond. The subordinates did not dare to leave hands on the person who stabbed the master, but the identity of one of them has been determined." "The nighthawk bowed.

高h文阅读|In the moment of Chen deng losing his mind, a dagger comes out from Chen deng's throat. Chen GUI suddenly turns around and sees the maid who just blundered in. I do not know when Chen deng got behind him with a short sword in his hand....This is also lv bu over there the rise of the new family is not recognized by the central plains family an important factor, of course, the central plains family ran over there, will also be lu bu's new family out.

"Tell him to wait in the lobby!" < / p > < p > lu bu turned around, indifferent way, Chen gong ran at this time obviously not want to eat, even if there is something important, lu bu will bowl of porridge, then hurried up to the partial hall to catch up.Zhang liao is obviously ready to play a protracted war, this makes xia houyuan very difficult to understand, this is not equal to give him time to mobilize more power to destroy him?If standing in the point of view of lyu3 bu4, for lyu3 bu4 abandon the central plains and the first strike give strategy, zhuge liang is quite in favor of, but standing in the opposite of lyu3 bu4, for lyu3 bu4 chose this strategy, the various ge is bright mood nature is not wonderful, lyu3 bu4 this was to gobble up the rhythm of the world, if really be lyu3 bu4 scored in the shu, then the situation will become strange, but no matter how to change, unless the three can really one, not the league, but a complete series, is likely to fight lu bu, just such a thing, obviously is unlikely.高h文阅读|




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