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小悦悦受伤部位诡异|雪域男金胶囊"What? The commander is dead! ?" The soldiers who were near heard the little soldier's voice, and the whole bank of the river burst open.Do not know the yan yan wei yan plan, that guanzhong army arrived after not by a surprise, did not expect guanzhong soldiers and horses will come so fast."That...... General zhang ren... Pang tong gave a smile and saw zhang ren. Lu bringli made it clear that zhang ren assisted lu zheng. At this time, he wanted to use zhang ren.

Blood is in the air of restlessness, guan yu in the hands of the falchion has killed don't know how much the enemy's head, with dozens of famous knife hand kept an defending a city wall, jingzhou army to attack a few opportunities on the wall, so once the attack on the wall, originally like sheep gentle jingzhou army, to become the most evil hyenas butch instant embodiment."Well!"Deng xian sees wei yan vision to see, slight nod, immediately see to two people way: "I and ask you, that cushion river city guard general is who?"小悦悦受伤部位诡异|"It is general yan. When general yan heard that chengdu had been conquered, he had surrendered to jingzhou. Now he is under the command of zhuge liang, the strategist of jingzhou. Do not expect these ordinary soldiers to have much loyalty, especially in the current situation of the division of shu, as now these two scouts know deng xian, the two sides are originally fu ze, as long as caught, basically some information can be obtained.

小悦悦受伤部位诡异|Fred, who had closed his eyes for death, could not help but shudder and nodded his head subconsciously."A thousand troops are easy to get, and once they are hard to find, zhang ren, he is worth it. Now all we have to do is to spread the position of the hussar and guard among these people, so that when the hussar and guard arrive, no one will know whether they are alive or dead." Fashi smiled."I have known lumen academy for a long time, and it is the best advisor under the throne of the champion. Deng xian looked at liu d * * * *, and looked at zhuoyang, the heart of the helpless sigh, all right, now liu zhang dim, military unrest, no one is willing to work for liu zhang, lu bu, perhaps also a good

"You say, call me!""Yes, the general should know what would happen if he rushed in like that." "Said monda bitterly.Military people eagerly waiting for your return to give you a replacement, liu DHS is a suppress panic in my heart, it has been confirmed, but he doesn't know how to back to the army to psychological explanation, one side is your grace, one side is our brothers in arms, the king tired eyes out just hung on the door of the wangs, after confirm those things are true, he did not know how to go to milan小悦悦受伤部位诡异|




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