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韩剧dream|沈阳富士电梯"Filial piety... "The direction of the account at look back a look handsome, shook his head silently, lyu3 bu4, since lyu3 bu4 devour bing, cao cao also bad, ranging from cao cao losses, since with lyu3 bu4 on foot soldiers, sheet is important, counselors, military commanders from the time of xuzhou into, cao hong, and then to changan Cao Peng, more lost freeze, after the battle of yecheng, successively have tsao chwun, xu chu, the xi to today's country, both sides of the triangle is one of the very deep, but for lyu3 bu4 MAO jie back, at or agree with.Fear does not mean, of course, willing to be slaves, and living in cattle are less, so they resist, riots, they even cioffi repeatedly offering up a butcher's knife, nor will their bones that passion for freedom to destroy, and this time, lyu3 bu4 gives them the opportunity, one out of slavery, as han Chinese."Me?" Lv bu surprised see toward jia xu, don't understand a way: "scan the whole world, who can harm me? Why am I the greatest weakness in our army?"

CAI MAO's movement is really fast, at the moment the infantry want to pursue is impossible, can only rely on ma chao's cavalry to pursue capture, this time is not to break the enemy, but to maximize the elimination of jingzhou army effective force, can kill as many as possible, jingzhou army want to retreat, that is a dream.He is more concerned about the meaning behind the debate."I dare not." Shook his head: "just some trepidation."韩剧dream|"Very good, Sir Can rest assured, this matter originates in the western region." Lyu3 bu4 say with smile: "the west now has pacified, but xiyu thirty six, governance is extremely difficult, cloth under several important positions junshi, bad light, minor is enough to be in, so would like to invite Mr. A walk through the western regions, western regions help me governance, this not only favorable to cloth, as long as the western regions is stable, no matter who got the world in the future, I am the big fellow map than in the past, extend far far away? This is an achievement that will last a long time. Cloth wants to ask you to give me a hand in the name of all the people in the world. Cloth promises that it will last for a short time or three years.

韩剧dream|"Minister or hope that the Lord can consider clearly, this war, do not have to be close to the Lord." Jia xu shook his head."General zhang, have other forces in the city been removed?" Yuan shang worried to see zhang he, froyuan into the emergence, let him have a bad feeling.

"Lord, nobody in the house!" Yuan tan fu outside, a big orca rushed out, said to yuan shang."Such a small matter, he Lao zhang general start, here, is to bring a strong general, he will be a tube general. Cheng yu smiled at zhang yan, behind him, a height of eight feet, broad waist round strong man came forward, to zhang yan arch hands.There were slaves lying in disorder all around. Even now, the survivors still have a look of fear in their eyes, fear of death and love for life.韩剧dream|




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