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天地良心之李真大案|纤雅减肥茶价格Didn't go to meet, because wei yan once did that, is equal to leave behind yan yan troops, under the two sides of the attack, plus Teng Dun defense, it is easy to be rushed over their range, close combat, cause unnecessary damage, this is absolutely not advocated in the guanzhong army.Chapter one hundred and thirteen god arrow retreat"Do you know why you lost?" Lu Zheng looked at ma, at the moment the overall situation has been decided, he is willing to spend time with ma here.

As for the voices of opposition, no one cares, There are always people in the world who feel that everything others do is wrong, Opposing lyu3 bu4, but comfortably enjoy lyu3 bu4 brought all kinds of benefits, for this kind of person, in the guanzhong is not popular, but lyu3 bu4 in speech, as long as it is not malicious incitement to trouble or defamation policy, some of his personal remarks, is not very concerned about.Although the king has not yet been formally ordained, But lyu3 bu4 forces from top to bottom, there was an inexplicable excitement, In a sense, Lyu3 bu4 seal king, would be independent of the court, It's a system of its own, Following lyu3 bu4, Most belong to the humble origin, the sense of belonging to the court is not too strong, coupled with the chaotic times, the world trend, over the years, the remnants of the han also almost dissipated, many people's minds, nature has become part of the plan from the minister of dragon, in the current world trend, lyu3 bu4 is clearly the most likely to win the 95 throne governors."Prepare for battle!" Li yan hate hate waved, the other side of the troops are not in a hurry to siege, but with the help of floating board, began between the trenches, chasing down jingzhou soldiers, at the same time will be after the siege equipment began to move this way, li yan also know at the moment is not the time of pain and loss, under his command, a big shield stood on the wall of nanyang city.天地良心之李真大案|Jiangdong soldiers were killed by guan yu people, at the moment see each other to a veteran, tardif was shot by the other side, famous for the god shot, now see each other's reinforcements arrived, which also dare to fight again, after a cry, scattered in a hubbub.

天地良心之李真大案|Three days later, Zhuge Liang began to withdraw his troops from all fronts, Army returned to jiangzhou endlessly, When Pang Tong got the news, Zhang ren, wei yan sent troops to pursue, Have been ambushed, defeat and return, to this pang tong also can only have the heart powerless, zhuge liang to go, he can't stop now, shu terrain is too suitable for the ambush, and zhuge liang cautious, how can't prevent pang tong chase, chase at the moment, I'm afraid not good, pang tong can only wait for zhuge liang to withdraw troops, just began to recover the southern counties of yi zhou step by step.This is YangMou, pinched the weakness of zhuge liang, to storm here, zhuge liang even know it is meter, also had to be led away by pang tong, because he can't afford to spend."Sir, there is a messenger from jingzhou outside the city, please go to the front of the order." Pang tong is studying the terrain, deng xian hurried to pang tong bow way.

"Gentlemen." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the crowd, smiled and said: "The noon is coming, and it is time for dinner, I have ordered a luncheon ready for everyone, let's talk about it after eating?"Ma Su was carried by the crowd don't know where to run, just at the moment, but a blank in the mind, until now, he also don't know exactly where the problem is."Originally under Liu Xuande, are such only know good fight malicious ACTS, so, I will rest assured!" Zhang ren also not angry, just lukewarm back.天地良心之李真大案|




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