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科龙企业cms|希森马铃薯"General, what about Hande?" Many people began to rub their hands in the smell of the speech.Chapter sixty-five levy west general"Uncle, who is he?"

Chen Gong smiled. "This man was born in a poor family, and was once named Xiaolian. Cao Cao once recruited this man several times, but he did not become an official. His master might try to win him over.""Master is to let the army involved in management?" Chen palace frown way.A hurried hoofs of horses came, followed by a long sound from far and near, dusty soldiers rushed in from outside the tent, kneeling on one knee in front of lyu3 bu4, the hands of bamboo paper held high, panted and said: "master, jincheng urgent report!"科龙企业cms|When Korea hence and others appear outside the account, Far away, he saw a man in the crowd like a mad tiger, the hand of a long Zhang two days Wolf gun in the rain curtain across a tragedies of arc, The place, whether qiang or han will, there is no enemy, even the body is incomplete, behind a group of knights under d, each as if crazy, don't desperately follow d, the place, such as locusts transit, residual value broken arm fell to the ground.

科龙企业cms|Giffin some uncertainty, but this time has arrived here, and the plan he did not perfunctory, but seriously considered the pros and cons."Xu pour feel, the matter must master kiss to not." Giffin smiled.Ice-cold arrows torn muscles, deprived of a fresh life, the crisis of death finally let those like a headless fly general west cool army awake a lot, fear forced to both sides.

Zhang Wenxian don't mention him, HuangPu Song is the famous general in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, one of the main force of the battle of the yellow turban, even cao cao, lombardi these people have been working under its command, dong zhuo early years is also a name to move west cool, but later power day heavy, abandoned martial arts, as for sun chien need not mention, has been considered a historical star."Impudent!" The sable cicada smell speech, can't help but look annoyed to Hua Tuo, the ancients pay attention to, body hair skin, by the parents, destroyed the unfilial, Hua Tuo move, to big, is to lyu3 bu4 in the unfilial place.It's no good winning, The defeat was worse, Not only are the troops defeated, Also provoke lyu3 bu4 such a big enemy, But don't play, the court there is not good to explain, with his family know their own affairs, don't look at him in the west cool side of the wind and water, but he has missed the best period of competing in the central plains, now don't join any side forces, also just for sale, whether it is cao cao or lombardi, before the two sides have not divided the victory or defeat, his side is not willing to offend.科龙企业cms|




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