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香港多维月刊|御品膳食通Soon Chen qun and zhong you came. After the ceremony, cao cao asked, "why did you two gentlemen come together?"This march was made without any provisions and supplies, and with only one quiver of arrows. Although the crossbow was powerful, its cluster of arrows cost three times as much as the ordinary crossbow."Pei yi, you stay in the city!" < / p > < p > zhang liao ordered pei yi to stay in the city, he ordered eight thousand soldiers, from the main gate out of the city, although the current is not the opportunity to break the enemy, but zhang liao will not allow the cao army to take away any of the god of war crossbow.

"This is kongming in to you I show affection, will conquer the power of xiangyang, give you I, also be to send you my one favor." Kuai yue smiled and said, "as for how to do it, I don't want to teach you."Cao cao squinted at liu xie.香港多维月刊|Lv zheng shook his head blankly, he had not thought so far.

香港多维月刊|"General, if we continue to fight like this, the city gate will not be broken. I'm afraid our brother will be killed!" The deputy general looked at zang ba and said sadly, he even suspected that the general named ma chao was definitely deliberately slowing down the destruction of the city.Xun yu looked at liu xie, shook his head and sighed.

"What's the matter? Cao cao looked at the messenger."Liu ye? Zhang liao thought about this for a moment and smiled and said, "it is the kin of the han family.Wei yan looked at the sky and frowned at pang tong, saying, "shi yuan, are they really capable of sending troops? We don't have many arrows!"香港多维月刊|




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