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李蒙嬗|二手恒温恒湿试验箱"Zhang Heng and Cheng Yin, you two go to Niyang at once and take over the army!" Korea hence complexion iron blue way."I can't believe seibel should be so good at keeping!" Korea then looked at the demoralized people, shook his head and said with relief: "general don't have to worry, the battle has just begun, seibel force is not enough, less than ten days, fu ping will have no soldiers to adjust, then break the city, as easy as the palm of your hand."

"I agree." Another hao shuai also got up to respond, although the white water qiang is twelve, but Yang Wang in this business for many years, own a few confidants, Yang Wang had already secretly through the gas, at the moment nature does not hesitate to support Yang Wang.Provocative?"Hey!" Zhou Cang carried a broadsword, glanced at d's appearance, disdain a way: "kill chicken how to use ox knife, master, I will take off the head of this little white face."李蒙嬗|Outside xinfeng city, cao peng rate army left soon, a force of more than five hundred people appeared at the gates, he yi clap horse, hand fork pointed to ChengTou way: "city people listen, I am WenHou account general He Yi, today in the life of WenHou, came to seize the city, my master read heaven has good life, if willing to open the door to surrender, then let bygones bygones be bygones!"

李蒙嬗|"Now, I give you a chance, a chance to prove themselves, as long as they own, can serve the people, have the ability to fight with me, stand up, I named him a general. Lyu3 bu4 looked at the dark crowd in the school yard, snapped...."Arrange people take turns to patrol, and then send someone to find out the whereabouts of the other huns, others take time to rest, we don't have much time." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, holding the party day painting ji, found a relatively clean place, and clothes sit down, quietly closed his eyes sleep.

Don't want to be an official, it doesn't matter, I don't necessarily see you, all give me teaching, don't want to teach also doesn't matter, hungry, any world, any age, there is no lack of soft bones, such as one or two can't stand it, take the lead to teach, then the next thing is much easier."Where are you goe, bandits?" At this point, lyu3 bu4 has deeply into the array, lyu3 bu4 natural don't recognize the call kitchen spring, just ran to the direction of the handsome flag, trapped in a siege, but not afraid, party day painting ji refers to east to west, red hare feet, like a whirlwind galloping past, leaving a body, straight to the direction of the handsome flag to kill.The last cavalry member who tried to escape was pierced by a cold rifle with men and horses, Desperate fell on the muddy ground, d single horse, standing alone, looking at the darkness around the barren, suddenly roared up to the sky, the strength of the whole body like the tide faded, the body also soft slipped down from the horse, the ear sounded a rush of hoofs, consciousness has gradually blurred down.李蒙嬗|




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