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主动打开腿惩罚调教|康师傅展示柜"Oh?" Cao Cao didn't go to see the bamboo slips. He has a headache now. He shook his head helplessly and said, "If you want to talk about it, please."Shouting ShaSheng woke up the sleeping jun, however, it is too late to react at this time, wei will be divided into five teams, point the four good force captain led a team, with a team of their own, see where jun has the tendency to assemble, then with a man up to kill.D kill through the siege, but where is the shadow of Korea hence? Heart can not help but great anger, turn the horse's head, look cold to cheng gongying, undisguised the murderous opportunity, if not for this person, Korea hence head at the moment I'm afraid has fallen into his hands.

"Big movement did not, but last night the city of millet sent several waves of people, in addition, the moon people just came the news, the other several huns tribes also sent people to the west cool."Zhang both in xinfeng governance for many years, indeed great achievements, but how about that? In this troubled times, especially in this war-torn place, fist big is hard truth, now jun's situation is obviously not good, push, if you can catch both the zhang is already cao ying magistrate, is also a great achievement."Let's all get some rest." Waved his hand, the huns near were afraid of playing, coupled with a Han De vigil, lyu3 bu4 is not too worried about safety.主动打开腿惩罚调教|A title of generals in ancient times, in the general sequence, only under the general, not to fame, lyu3 bu4 these years of merit, the position is also deserved, of course, this reward in such troubled times is actually of no practical significance, liu bei is still left general, but the same is of no use, but under the name can canonize more general officials will be some more.

主动打开腿惩罚调教|"The royal family?" Lyu3 bu4 eyebrows slightly a pick, and soon understood what it meant, Don't look at the han yu wei is not in, but the thin camel is bigger than the horse, in most people's minds, the han is still orthodox, liu bei played a brand of han clan, deceived for how long, but also only he really get the royal recognition, get the name of the emperor uncle, just began to have a family favor one after another, finally established himself in jingzhou.Dusk gradually came down, patter of light rain dripping down, standing in the linjing satrap house, looked up at the gloomy sky, d some tired sigh, let the rain fall on him."Here!" Lieutenant smell speech, hurriedly promised 1, with people downtown, to collect straw.

"Arrows!" D fiercely waved."This..." At listen to xun yu said, some blankly shook his head: "or the reckless man?"Rapid hoofs of horses broke the quiet rain, dark night, a tiger cavalry is crazy in the rain to run.主动打开腿惩罚调教|




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