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华北水利水电女尸|深圳3m贴膜Less than a wick sweet kung fu, more than four thousand huns died, the rest fell into the pit, a time also can't climb out."A dozen or so, and they're all nags." Lieutenant some can not keep up with Chen Xing jump out of the mind."Xu Rong?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the man, his face suddenly changed, some sigh a way: "Li Guo rebellion, Hu Zhen defected, heard that you died in the rebels, don't want to meet here today."

Account people smell speech, can't help but draw a mouthful of air conditioning, lyu3 bu4 military forces add up now, also less than half of the others, of course, this can't include those just established township yong, more importantly, lyu3 bu4 is now under infantry, cavalry less than two thousand."I need to think about it." With lyu3 bu4 for a long time, marotta finally opened his mouth, eyes some complicated way.Is this to stay?华北水利水电女尸|A few people looked at each other, followed by XiongKuoHai to ShuaiZhang direction, marotta will not actively meddle in military affairs, but everyone knows that the strategist, in the camp, has a very transcendent position, even d such a wild Ao, now to marotta is also respectful.

华北水利水电女尸|Chen Xing eyes suddenly a bright, think of a good way, turned to the lieutenant-general said: "How many horses are there in our city?""Hmm?" Seibel waved, let his men defer the attack, turned his head and looked at the speeding wei yan, frown way: "general wei, why for jun intercession?"Immediately, zhong yao face changed, around the tired jun face also changed.

"Stop!" Sound a crisp female voice in the square array, dozens of knights qi qi le ma stop, saw a member of the silver armor woman from the army pony, immediately has come to lyu3 bu4 less than one hundred steps in front of the place."Lead the way." Lyu3 bu4 waved, let zhou cang and others withdraw to alert, if the other side really want to turn, also don't send so many people."Block him!" Korea hence cold hum 1, eyes a cold, harsh voice drink a way.华北水利水电女尸|




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