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hebe 演员|淮北市职业技术学校"Is that mighty mighty?" Ma confused look to zhuge liang, the name of the pang tong he nature also heard, as Mr Pang tong official lyu3 bu4, dig out some dark history is also gradually, for JingXiang family, that is not a good thing, the original pang tong, want to see liu table, but because of long too ugly, even not seen liu table surface, coincided with Addis in jingzhou, trapped by CAI, it is because the pang tong, to save themselves, and then somehow, ran to the western regions, hit a lot of work, and then spent in jizhou official loyal to lu bu, help promote JunTian lyu3 bu4, and from then on, jingzhou pang's home, Because of pang tong began to be ostracized, the momentum is not as strong as before, these two years even disappeared."Impressive? Yan yan wen yan, can not help sneer at a voice: "I would like to see how strong he is, bearer, eight thousand troops, with me to the battle!""Come in." Lv bu took a look at the cup on the ground, shook his head, sat on his seat and waved to the two women.

Since will liu DHS, the first step, first of all to sweep the floor, his majesty so, pang tong not hesitate letting ZhuoYang spamming homicides, in front of so many people, obviously was a military career is the generals in the face of it, if liu DHS censure ZhuoYang because of this, even to kill him, that the next step, pang tong will use this big account, the power of the people to protect the ZhuoYang, that liu DHS is a little face lining is gone, but the pang tong"The new commander is lv meng?" Zhuge liang suddenly frowned.Pang tong to originally, is want to see liu DHS possible, after all, as a key point of this plan, if you can persuade him to revolt, good nature, but now, liu DHS although a fortune by the guanzhong seaman, but will clearly lyu3 bu4 silly as a lot of money of that kind of, in this case, the army will not be able to let liu DHS to tube, liu DHS is the most important role, is stirring the hatred, doubling the vendor zhang ren the die-hard pie. This, he did well, now that don't want tohebe 演员|Camp, occasionally can hear a sound of pain moan, two brothers from the beginning of the chaos of the yellow turban war, more than 20 years time, for these injuries and suffering and powerless moan, the initial pity to now only left a numbness, but in this case, the mood is still in the continuation.

hebe 演员|"The enemy, general, has no baggage but fodder. The beasts in the camp are still intact, but the ballista are completely destroyed." The general galloped to pound and informed him of the situation in the camp. Obviously, the other side did not grasp that they could escape the pursuit of the army and horses with the baggage, so all the unnecessary burdens were left behind."Hou's law is clear and fair, more than ten times stronger than liu zhang's?" "The general shook his head."So what? Today, I, lv meng, have come for a personal grudge. Men, kill me!" Lv meng cold hum 1, commanded, hundreds of ancient warships protected whith cowhide, every five or ten a group, toward to side with Chen to come over.

"Don't worry, my father told me before he came here that the trip was only to learn, only to listen to and see, and not to ask. If you have any ideas, you can consult with your elder brother privately, and no decision with your elder brother should be interfered with. The male general can testify to this!" Lu zheng smiled.A group of people silently withdrew from the council chamber, leaving liu zhang alone in his seat, watching the temple without god."Hum!" Liu zhang complexion ugly look at meng da: "that don't know meng da general prepare to dispose of me?"hebe 演员|




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